DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service


ITExperts Virtual Replication claims to be the only BC/DR Platform  for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Small to mid-sized companies have been slow to adopt disaster-recovery- as-a- service (DRaaS) arrangements in light of worries about high cost, an absence of IT assents, and solution complexity that is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

ITExperts is a provider of the most powerful disaster recovery solution in the world. We mean to give each organization the capacity to recuperate from a disaster- rapidly, effortlessly and moderately. Joining intelligent software with the energy of the cloud is the means by which ITExpets splits the fiasco recovery cost barrier without mind boggling, expensive hardware empowering any organization to restore operation in under 15 minutes with a push of a catch. ITExperts equips business with the confidence to handle the unexpected by providing less downtime, greater security, and always-on availability.

With ITExperts, effective DR is possible within the private cloud, to the public cloud and in the public cloud.

The apparent high cost of calamity recovery is the essential inhibitor to DRaaS appropriation for more than 36 percent of companies and the most important purchase criterion. The lack of in-house IT resources and solution complexity are known to be among other barriers to adopting the technology.

DR as a service gives a basic initial step to lead venture to the cloud for cloud suppliers. It enables them to ‘test the water’ without surrendering control over generation applications in their data centers.

Key Features


Since clients are never again required to send their sensitive data over an open IP, private availability likewise mitigates data security worries.

All-SSD, high-performance storage incorporating all strong state drive (SSD) stockpiling, disposing of information/yield (I/O) bottlenecks and CPU hold up time to give the most elevated amounts of speed and security.

Guaranteed flexible Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of up to 15 minutes or less per server with adaptable authorizing alternatives, simplified configuration work processes, upgrading performance for close to zero recovery point objectives (RPO’s) and lessened aggregate cost of possession.

Push-button recovery of entire data centers with automation designed in an intuitive, graphical recovery plans editor. No more hand-written recovery plans!

Automated testing permits to routinely test you secured services in a virtual private environment. Actuate up to 3 servers whenever, or whole condition every 8 weeks.

White glove support frequent auto refreshes make cloud selection peaceful and guarantee cloud and oversaw service providers can sufficiently shield their developing customer base from downtime and data misfortune.

Offers the ability to control visibility and emulation of non-uniform memory access as well as hypervisor timer settings.

Administration customizability can altogether help application execution levels without expanding cost.

Disaster Recovery Solution from


ITExperts’ provides a Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS) that is high- available, flexible, enterprise-class cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions and claims to be the most adjustable cloud supplier available, giving clients full control over their cloud and disposing of limitations on how clients send their registering assets. The criticalness of the service is:


The ability to replicate between multiple sites enabling you to support many customers.


Full cloud integration that empowers centralized and simplified management of every single virtual data focuses as well as successfully leverage resources inside the cloud to acknowledge economies of scale.

Array agnostic

Replicates any customer environment to your cloud regardless of their storage vendor or architecture.

Quick & Remote deployment

Introduces remotely in hours without requiring any progressions to the client condition.

Tested and validated anytime

Recovers customer applications in your cloud with one click of a button.


Gives powerful replication and offsite reinforcement in one straightforward product.

Full Administrative Access

Provisional processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources as if it is not too much trouble and also effectively convey any working framework or application with full root/administrative get to.

Consistent and reliable

Highest-performing cloud at the most efficient price possible.