Can IT Managed Services help your business?

Reduce IT Costs – We help you significantly reduce costs with customised IT support sytems which are specifically designed for your business.
Improved Productivity: Reduce your downtime, strengthen security and maximize your business profitability with our optimised IT support.
24/7 Customer Support: We offer reliable customer support services 24/7 to help you address issues promptly, reduce downtime and enhance user experience.
Pay as Your Please: Schedule your payment plan according to your terms with flexible monthly or annual payment options.
Managed IT Support: Stay productive and proactive with our managed IT support services, with maximum uptime and efficiency.
Vendor Management: IT Experts can easily work with your vendors to help you reduce costs and enhance performance. We strategically manage your on-going relationship with vendors.
24/7 Monitoring: Our support team continuously monitor and perform updates for your business to help you stay competitive.


Managed IT Support Features

Understanding and meeting your IT support expectations with reliable and quality services.

IT Experts offers flexible on-demand, best-of-breed products and seamless technical support for your business. We help you enhance performance and energise your business with the right IT services. IT Experts strive to deliver quality services with a can do attitude and high level expertise.

Some of our key features include:

  • Data protection strategy and policies
  • Performance and security monitoring
  • System support and response
  • Disaster recovery and backup management
  • Compliance and licensing, key-date management
  • Vendor management services
  • Mobile device strategy
  • User profile and device management
  • Cyber security services and training
  • NOC – Network Operation Centre services with 24/7 help desk

  • 24/7 Monitoring and reporting

  • Essential support services for client management remotely
  • Purchase, configuration and installation services
  • Data back-up and recovery solutions
  • High-end security profile management
  • Timely updates and maintenance

Providing you with the best IT Services

WHY IT Experts?

IT Experts believe in client led, professional and affordable IT services for small businesses who are striving to achieve their business goals with profitability.

What Do We Offer

IT Experts offer an array of IT support services for small businesses to help them grow, optimise and enhance productivity. With the best professional and experts in our team, we provide prompt, knowledgeable and strategic IT services across the globe.

How You Can Rely On IT Experts

We have the expertise and resources you need for small businesses IT support
We work on highly secure and globally available technology platforms
Manage your IT system so that you can focus on running your business
We have a proven record of helping small business over IT challenges
Our team of experts go out of our way to ensure your customers have a great experience
We keep in mind your budget and advise you the most appropriate IT systems for your needs
We are deeply committed to your success, as you define our success

What we’ll deliver

Leading IT Support for Small Business

Our team of IT professionals and experts can help you empower your business with complete IT system support services. Some of the key services include:

  • Server management

  • Client desktop management
  • Network device management

  • Network storage management

  • Network security management

  • Cloud computation

  • Cloud storage management

  • Cloud security management

  • IT & Network collaboration

  • Data security and protection

Expand Your Business with IT Experts

At IT Experts Agency, you will experience the service efficiency and expertise which will help you achieve your business goals and objective 10x times faster. A stable IT support system is essential for business growth and we understand it can be frustrating when downtime increases. Therefore, we are here to offer adaptive, cost-effective, and customised IT support. Our professionals are trained to resolve all IT challenges, so you can focus on your core business and expand exponentially. We help you strategize your business with a future focused IT execution strategy to help you stay ahead of the competitors. We offer ultimate customer experience for our clients by offering:

⦁ Managed IT infrastructure and vendor management
⦁ Provide detailed report on your IT system performance
⦁ Create IT infrastructure for small businesses in low cost
⦁ Help you secure your IT support with remote services
⦁ Complete cloud management services for small businesses
⦁ 24/7 support services, continuous up gradation of systems
⦁ Easy payment plans as per your requirements

Flexible Payment Plans

We have something for everyone! Basic, medium & Premium A La Carte Managed IT Services at affordable rates.

IT services for small businesses include basic support as well as the services listed below.

Basic IT Support

    • 24/7/365 Performance and Health Monitoring   
    • Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA)   
    • Annual Business Reports   
    • Business Email Setup and Configruation   
    • Domain & Hosting   

Medium IT Support

    • 24/7/365 Performance and Health Monitoring   
    • Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA)  
    • Quarterly Business Reports   
    • Vulnerability Scan  
    • Managed Endpoint Protection  
    • Managed Backups  
    • Server Maintenance  
    • Network Maintenance  
    • Microsoft Office 365 Support  
    • Business Email Setup and Configuration  
    • PBX Phone Management & Support  
    • Domain & Hosting  

Premium A La Carte IT Support

    • We offer customised IT support services and systems to meet your business needs. You can plan your IT support options and choose services specific to your requirements through our premium a la carte IT support package. Some of the core services included in this package are:
    • SIEM as a ServiceSecurity Education Program  
    • Quarterly Business Reports  
    • Annual Vulnerability Scan  
    • Managed Endpoint Protection  
    • Managed Backups  
    • Server Maintenance  
    • Network Maintenance  
    • Onsite Consultation Visits  
    • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)  
    • Phone Management & Support  
    • Microsoft Office 365 support  

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