Managed Services


From your products, amplify your current IT ventures and increment efficiency. Your business will dependably convey better outcomes with the level of support required and our lessened time to reach.

ITExperts’ Global Support Center provides a central point of visibility to provision management, response, coordination and personalization of technology services and support’s Monitoring and Management.

Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Avaya Unified Communications
  • Cisco Unified Communications
  • IBM Power i and AIX
  • Network

Unified Communications


Avaya Unified Communications

Correspondence systems are essential to the operation of associations. Legitimate management of these systems is urgent. ITExperts can help keep your organization up and running.

  • Maximize the uptime of your system
  • Access the highest level of expertise to support the system
  • Gain 24/7/365 support coverage
  • Reduce administration costs

ITExperts specializes in providing monitoring and management services for Avaya communications systems. We serve small to very large associations crosswise over assorted industries. Including the 2015 U.S, we are glad for our numerous past awards from Avaya. Administrations partner of the year Award and recognition for our high level of customer loyalty.

Cisco Unified Communications

The exertion, time and staff assets required keeping paces with evolving technologies and staying completive can be monumental. Yet, having a firm handle on IT and an opportunity to use its energy is a need for a most organization looking for predictable growth and high levels of performance.

A Cisco UC remote monitoring and management service from IT experts can bolster the objectives of your organization while liberating your group to concentrate on vital, business building projects. We can offer a level of help and expertise beyond what most organizations can give in-house since we have practical experience in Cisco UC.

A key to our general procedure of predominant administration and technical support is the ITExperts support center, which gives a main issue of visibility, our customers approach expert support groups well-versed in Cisco technology to ensure and manage their assets before, during or after issue emerge.

IBM Power i and AIX 


Ordinarily facilitating utilization of genuine significance to your business, IBM power is a basic business stage. Keeping these systems operational and optimized for an ideal execution is therefore essential. Events such as disk errors fizzled patches and human error all can possibly take these systems disconnected and affect your business. Anticipating these occasions before they incur lasting damage and remediating them immediately when they do happen is central.

Peace of mind

You’ll know you have specialists looking at your systems and in charge of their operation.

Access to expertise

Our rich pool of IBM experts are at your disposal and not just for incident management.

24/7/365 without exception

We’ll know the status of your systems at each minute without overlooking anything.

Complement your own team

Use ITExperts and the RMM service to augment your own resources.

Meet aggressive SLAs

Meet demanding SLAs through more resilient and available infrastructure.


With a variety of various choices, select how you need to consume the services.



As the need to develop quicker, Get to ability and control. If not reduce operational obligations and costs keep on moving to the bleeding edge of business, the system turns into a more key resource. In the event that your business is at risk or its execution is traded off, your organization could endure reputation damaging downtime and even lose clients.

The ITExperts Network Remote Monitoring and Management service assures that your network is performing at its best to support your business. Our seasoned staff utilizes robust tools to monitor and manage your network 24/7 and 365 days a year through the ITExperts Support Center.

The Network Remote Monitoring and Management service eases strain on your network resources while improving procedures and change control.

  • Quicker time to problem resolution
  • Improved performance of the network
  • Better management of the network
  • Access to certified experts
  • 24/7/365 support coverage
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Maximum network speeds and uptime
  • Proactively monitor and manage risks
  • Properly manage changes/integrations
  • 24/7/365 support coverage