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Readiness Assessment


At the point when is a voice Readiness Assessment required?

  • At whatever point an IP- an empowered system is associated with another IP – enabled system or other VoIP system by utilization of VoIP organization.
  • At the point, IP hard phones/softphones are not specifically joined to the ports on the IP system.
  • Whenever two or more IP office systems are associated with VoIP.
  • When connecting to a remote office using an IP network (whether Intranet, the Internet, or ISP), especially when using VPN.



  • In the VoIP condition, guarantee consistent execution of IP system.
  • In the event a problem occurs, troubleshooting time is minimized.
  • As system issues can be tended to precede establishment, reduce usage time.

Why does your organization need a Voice Readiness Assessment?

The expansion of voice, a real-time application, to your data network, ought to be gone before by an exhaustive Voice Readiness Assessment. The appraisal enables us to take a look at your system for any present or potential bottlenecks that could interfere with execution, once the voice application is added.