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Refurbish and Buyback


Are you looking to boost profitability, overhaul your client benefit abilities, or simply spare some cash, ITExperts has the arrangement.

We know how to get you the finest restored hardware at the most reduced cost with years of involvement in the optional telecommunications market. How? We advantage from a consistent supply of off-lease equipment and play out all the work ourselves at our State-of- the-art comprehensive testing and refurbishment center.

Why choose refurbished equipment? ITExperts’ revamped parts enable clients to spare cash. We are likewise ready to meet the short timeframes required for getting a product to the end-user. That’s because ITExperts maintains a half-million- dollar stock of top-quality components from Avaya, Nortel, and Siemens. Organizations around the nation know they can get reliable equipment – quick – with only a phone call. That implies each and every ITExperts customer – 4,000 strong and growing every day – can count on staying connected 24/7/365.

Other advantages include


  • One-year advance replacement guarantee
  • All systems remanufactured to OEM specifications
  • Extensive testing to ensure peak performance
  • Complete technical support
  • Various sell-back options

Our impressive line of refurbished products includes


  • Telephones
  • Circuit boards
  • Expansion shelves
  • Power supplies
  • Cabinets
  • Entire telephone and voice messaging systems