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We enable you to migrate data to your new infrastructure with zero information misfortune, and minimal downtime.


On a normal server, 40+ sends get conveyed each moment, and site databases get altered by 700+ requests. Administration suspension, information relocation, and DNS changing should be meticulously wanted to occupy new information updates to the target server to keep away from split information, or data misfortune. With years of experience on our side, ITexperts engineers enable you to relocate your servers with no data loss, and with minimal downtime.

What We Do

  • Zero data loss

    Split-information is a typical issue noted in un-arranged server relocations. It happens when information get updated in source server after the information duplicate is done, yet the DNS continues indicating the old server. By carefully synchronizing information copy, benefit suspension, and DNS exchanging, information loss is lessened to zero.

  • Compatibility resolution

    While moving information between various version of software or altogether extraordinary server software; information should first be changed over into an exchangeable organization. We do a pre-migration review to recognize every all such limitation, and methodically settle them to guarantee a cover change up to the new system.

  • Minimal downtime

    During a migration, the information exchange, benefit suspension, and DNS syncing should be timed to perfection to reduce the downtime of areas. By making a detailed list of blame focuses, carefully checking for benefit congruity, and constant testing at getting end, space downtimes are limited.

Examples of server configuration requests

Here are a couple of information movement cases that we work on everyday premise:

  • Moving database from an old variant to another rendition.
  • Moving database starting with one stage then onto the next. Eg: MySQL to MariaDB.
  • Moving mail information to another mail server/cluster.
  • Moving web hosting accounts starting with one stage then onto the next. Eg: Windows to Linux relocation.

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